Our Dessert Lovers Say

The cupcakes were wonderful, you have such a gift!  You should have seen how Megan and I enjoyed them!  In fact all of the ladies (and my husband snagged one) really enjoyed them and were impressed that something made with the ingredient limitations you had tasted so wonderful.  Thank you so much for putting the efforts into the research, I sent your website to the other ladies attending so I hope you see some business from them.


We have been to both Farmer's Markets this season thus far. At the first one, we only purchased cinnamon rolls from a competitor's booth. They were ok. I expected something great. At the June 18th market, my husband and I walked the entire venue, looking for a "good-looking" cinnamon roll. We purchased yours. They were worth the hunt and absolutely delish! We are coming back July 1st just for your cinnamon rolls. INCREDBILE!! (By the way, I have been tell anyone and everyone to go to your booth for the best rolls I have ever had.) Thank you!!


I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the beautiful cake you made for me. It was amazing, and absolutely delicious Everyone loved it and I can't wait to order from you again. :)


I was without words when I saw it, it was more than I could have ever imagined and I cannot thank you enough!!!!  Joseph is definitely hoping for an Aimee creation for his Bday this year in December so we will have to do that!  Everyone was silent when I had served it, and I realized it was b/c everyone was eating so much!  They all were raving about it and I did not get to try any (last piece!) until everyone had gone and the "fun" had settled down, and it was absolutely delicious.  Can?t thank you enough!



At this time, I can only fill orders in the Eastern Iowa area.

Specializing in desserts which taste spectacular and look great! However, since all of my desserts are homemade, slight imperfections may be found and is the nature of the dessert!


I have a secret I must finally share! I love old fashioned layer cakes! I do not understand the cupcake craze! I must be the only person in this country who is NOT a fan of cupcakes! Now you are thinking, "Seriously, you have a baking business! How can you NOT like cupcakes?" Don't get me wrong...I will eat a cupcake but if given the choice between a cupcake and a slice of a layer cake, the layer cake will win, hands down!!!


My reasons:

  1. Crumbs: While eating a layer cake, the crumbs fall to the plate so you can mush them into leftover icing and not miss any part of the cake!!! If you eat a cupcake, the crumbs fall on the floor and you miss those last bits of yummy goodness!
  2. Ratio of Icing to Cake: As you may know, dessert is a prized thing for me! Give me a layer cake?cake, little frosting, cake again, and frosting! Just the right amount of cake and frosting in each bite! To get the same ratio of cake to icing in a cupcake, you have to cut the bottom in half and place half on top of the icing. If you have to do this much work to enjoy a cupcake, you might as well have a plate and if you have a plate, you might as well have a slice of layer cake on it.
  3. Too Easy to Eat: Sounds crazy but I wolf down the cupcake as I exit a shop and run on with my day! With a layer cake, eating cake is an occasion to slow down as you look for plates and forks. You might as well invite a friend over to join you!
  4. Slicing and Dicing: With a cupcake, there is never a need to have a couple more bites to even out the cut on the cake! I love the excuse to just even out the side of a cake after slicing so it looks good! You can use this principal on brownies, pies and crisps too!!!
  5. Fire Hazard: It is hard to put 45 candles on a cupcake!

Join me in returning to the days when things were made by a loved one in the kitchen using all natural ingredients like butter, cream, and fruit. Spend the time to enjoy a layer cake, cinnamon rolls, or milk and cookies, with your friends and family. Slow down; enjoy the company, and the wonderful flavors which are created from simple all natural ingredients! It is not something you enjoy every day ... so sit back and enjoy it when you have a chance! Check out all of my fabulous baked goods on the following pages and give me a chance to show you how wonderful baked goods can taste!


About Me: I have been selling desserts at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmer's Market since its inception in 2006. During the off season, I teach 3-6 year olds at a great Montessori school. I also teach baking classes at Kirkwood New Bo Kitchen. Also, I am the mother of 3 children with a lifelong love of baking and introducing children and adults to the joys of home baking vs. commercially prepared products. All of these make up my desire for perfections in confections without that manufactured look.


So splurge for yourself and give Aimee's Just Desserts a try!



"FYI...  I was reluctant to try the key lime cake at the last Farmer's Market as I'm not a key lime fan.  I bought it anyway and my husband and I both loved it."

"The cakes were wonderful!"

"Your stuff is awesome."

"Thanks for the absolutely wonderful cinnamon rolls."