Our Dessert Lovers Say

The cupcakes were wonderful, you have such a gift!  You should have seen how Megan and I enjoyed them!  In fact all of the ladies (and my husband snagged one) really enjoyed them and were impressed that something made with the ingredient limitations you had tasted so wonderful.  Thank you so much for putting the efforts into the research, I sent your website to the other ladies attending so I hope you see some business from them.


We have been to both Farmer's Markets this season thus far. At the first one, we only purchased cinnamon rolls from a competitor's booth. They were ok. I expected something great. At the June 18th market, my husband and I walked the entire venue, looking for a "good-looking" cinnamon roll. We purchased yours. They were worth the hunt and absolutely delish! We are coming back July 1st just for your cinnamon rolls. INCREDBILE!! (By the way, I have been tell anyone and everyone to go to your booth for the best rolls I have ever had.) Thank you!!


I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for the beautiful cake you made for me. It was amazing, and absolutely delicious Everyone loved it and I can't wait to order from you again. :)


I was without words when I saw it, it was more than I could have ever imagined and I cannot thank you enough!!!!  Joseph is definitely hoping for an Aimee creation for his Bday this year in December so we will have to do that!  Everyone was silent when I had served it, and I realized it was b/c everyone was eating so much!  They all were raving about it and I did not get to try any (last piece!) until everyone had gone and the "fun" had settled down, and it was absolutely delicious.  Can?t thank you enough!



At this time, I can only fill orders in the Eastern Iowa area.

We do not take credit cards.

Specializing in desserts which taste spectacular and look great! However, since all of my desserts are homemade, slight imperfections may be found and is the nature of the dessert!


What do I mean by imperfections? Let's face it, we are used to our food looking perfect and uniform before we eat it!  Most of our food is currently produced in factories. Think about it ... all the Oreos look the same when they come out of a package!  Cakes and cupcakes are now mass produced at grocery stores perfectly iced.  Even the supposedly homemade cookies at stores are all perfectly round! 

I am not a machine; therefore, a cookie may end up with a slight oval shape instead of round.  Each cinnamon roll may not be exactly the same size!  One cake layer maybe slightly thicker than the other, and since I use buttercream instead of fondant, the cake may not be perfectly smooth. 

So you ask yourself, why purchase desserts from Aimee's Just Desserts? 

The number one reason is TASTE!  If you want a dessert which makes you and your guests continue to talk about it days after eating it, then Aimee's Just Desserts is the place for you.  We have the best tasting cookies, cakes, and other baked goods in Eastern Iowa!

The second reason to order from us is QUALITY!  Have you ever looked at the ingredients of store bought cakes?  Corn syrup solids!  How do they make the corn syrup back to a solid?  The icings are made with shortening.  My desserts have no preservatives, just the ingredients you would have found in a home 50 years ago, butter, sugar, flour, etc. 

The third reason is SERVICE! I do my best to accommodate your needs!  I do not have set business hours so you may place an order at 9:00 at night or even pick up an order at 8 am!  I also have cupcake stands which you may use as a courtesy for your event!

The fourth reason is a PERSONAL TOUCH!  I have developed special relationships with my customers; they are not another number or just a cake!  I consider myself fortunate to be included in their special events with family and friends. 

I love desserts and believe everyone should enjoy them, but only when made from the best tasting, quality ingredients!

So splurge for yourself and give Aimee's Just Desserts a try!



"FYI...  I was reluctant to try the key lime cake at the last Farmer's Market as I'm not a key lime fan.  I bought it anyway and my husband and I both loved it."

"The cakes were wonderful!"

"Your stuff is awesome."

"Thanks for the absolutely wonderful cinnamon rolls."