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Two layer cakes are $25.00.

Two layer fruit filled cakes are $30.00.

Three layer cakes are $30.00.

Three layer fruit filled cakes are $35.00.

Special decorations for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries - varied by effort and complexity. 

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Traditional Layer Cakes

Almond Cherry Torte - Vanilla almond cake with whipped cream frosting and cherry toppings.

Amaretto Cherry Cake - Almond cake with a cherry filling and almond frosting. Almonds and cherries are one of my favorite flavor combinations!

Bailey?s Irish Cream Cake - vanilla cake flavored with Irish cream, Irish cream cheesecake, Irish cream flavored whip cream frosting.

Cappuccino Layer Cake - A must for all the coffee lovers out there! Coffee flavored cake w/a rich coffee buttercream.

Carrot Cake - Using raisins, pineapple, carrots, and pecans in my carrot cake.  A Classic!

Cherry Limeade Cake - The drink was a favorite of mine as a child so I made a cake as a tribute to my childhood.  A lime cake with a cherry filling and lime buttercream frosting.

Chocolate Layer Cake with Raspberry Filling - A classic blend of chocolate and raspberry flavor to sooth your soul.

Chocolate Toffee Cake - Moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and toffee pieces between layers and coating the sides.

Coconut Layer Cake - A moist, coconut sponge cake with coconut frosting.

Cookie Lovers Cake - YUM! Chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough between the layers and whipped cream frosting.

Decadent Chocolate Layer Cake - Chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, need I say more? You must taste to believe its richness! A glass of milk will be a must with this old fashion classic!

Double Frosted Chocolate Cake - Chocolate Cake topped with a white marshmallow frosting and a chocolate buttercream.

Key Lime Layer Cake with White Chocolate Frosting - Tart Key Lime flavor w/ the sweetness of white chocolate.

Gingerbread Cake - Layered gingerbread cake with a cranberry sauce filling and orange cream cheese frosting on the top and sides. A tasty treat for all holiday meals.

Italian Cream Cake - Pecan coconut cake filled with a Grand Marnier custard, and topped with a cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Blackberry Cake - WOW! A little tart to start but with a soft and flavorful calming of the soul blackberry filling.

Peach Bellini Cake - A special cake made with peach schnapps and champagne, and frosted with a very tasty peach buttercream frosting.

Pumpkin Tiramisu Toffee Cake -  Moist spicy pumpkin cake with a coffee syrup, whip cream frosting, and toffee pieces. This is a fall favorite!

Red Velvet Cake - A lovely traditional cake with a hint of chocolate flavor, topped with a creamy indescribable frosting.

Spiced Apple Cake with Caramel Swirl Frosting - Just like it sounds; a moist spiced apple cake topped with a caramel cream cheese frosting.

Tuxedo Cake - Chocolate cake layered with whip cream frosting and a tasty chocolate ganache poured over the top. Suitable for all occasions including formal events.

Vanilla Latte Hazelnut Cake - Vanilla cake and coffee frosting with hazelnuts on the side and coffee truffles on top!

White Chocolate Layer Cake with Raspberry Filling - Simply tasty!

Custom Cakes